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The Gentrification of Hip Hop


Esteemed filmmaker Spike Lee came under fire recently for being outspoken about the gentrification currently taking place in Brooklyn, New York. One of Lee’s complaints is that the new neighbors in these revamped cities and neighborhoods don’t have any respect for the culture and history of the cities they are now flocking to (x).

For many people, Brooklyn is synonymous with hip hop culture. Brooklyn has given birth to some of largest names in rap music such as Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Mos Def, and multiple others. However, much like the city it became popular in, rap has taken a cultural shift within the past few years, largely due to the many white hip hop artist that have become popular.

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Episode I → Rebirth

I'll do it. I'll use the D e a t h N o t e... To change the

LadyGaga: Tonight we turned all our pain into a rave. Make art of your sadness, and your whole life will be a party of the future. #artraveIstanbul what an incredible crowd.

Beautiful crowd tonight just sensational, know every word to ARTPOP. It’s unfortunate the media gave the impression it hasn’t been successful, when in truth it inspired many fans all over the world and is a wonderful success bridging contemporary art, rave, and love. I’ve loved every moment of this music and tour.